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Criminal Justice Agencies

Management is not central to the concept of an office. In most cases, people link management to a specific office. However, management is a function that does not place the responsibility to a particular office. In the criminal justice sector, there has been a focus on the creation of managers, with a disregard of the importance of leadership. The managers in the criminal justice sector have come out strongly to defend the system and culture to avoid any intrusion. Unlike managers, leaders are risk takers, creative and able to align an organization to the prevailing market conditions. Therefore, they stand a better chance of running the criminal justice system than managers. A limitation among managers is that they tend to follow procedures of work, which limit them from exploring creative methods of solving problems. The paper will put forward an argument and evidence as to why leadership is important in the criminal justice system.

Sample Analytical Essay: Accounting

This sample essay may be useful for all the students studying accounting and economics in general.

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Sample Essay: Business Analysis of Company Ferrari Using Baldrige Award Criteria

Students need some decent knowledge and writing skills to write a business analysis of high quality. This writing assignment may become a challenge for many. Here’s a sample business analysis paper to help your efforts.


A) Introduction: purpose of the business analysis and methodology;

B) Research based on Baldrige Award Criteria;

1) Leadership: organizational and social;

2) Strategic planning: strategy development and deployment;

3) Customers and market focus: customer relationships and satisfaction;

Sample Essay: Media

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“A fully functioning democracy depends on media sources with diverse voices and opinions as well as content relevant to local communities.”

Senator Olympia J. Snowe1

The media are relied upon in democratic societies for the protection and promotion of human rights and democracy. Diversity of the media and accurate and honest reporting of the news are considered to be vital for guaranteeing pluralism of opinion, adequate political representation, and a citizen’s participation in a democratic society. A pluralistic media is seen to meet the demands of democracy by providing citizens with a broad range of information and opinions; to represent minorities by giving them the opportunity and space to maintain their separate existence in the larger society.

Sample Analytical Essay: Modern Leadership

Leadership is an essential element of human existence. It has served as an indispensable factor in defining our civilization throughout the history. Our understanding of the past is greatly concerned with studies of leaders, who have shaped the course of history. Today people look at leaders and try to predict what lies ahead of their life. Our vision of contemporary leaders is believed to provide the hints about how our future will look like in years from now. From this perspective studies of ancient political thought and concept of leadership play a vital role for deep analysis of contemporary leaders.

Sample Analytical Essay: Spanish-American War

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It is said that politics and religion will never cease to serve as subjects of endless discussions, disputes and controversies. Wars inevitably relate to politics and become its main concern at times of crisis. Wars are being debated long after their end and find their reflection in various types of art, such as poetry, painting or cinematography. The evidence presented in these sources is not always unbiased. There are many subjective circumstances that influence a certain person and have an effect on his or her art. A perspective written by an opponent side is different from the one presented by an ally the same way as it differs when described by political supporters or opponents of war within a country.

Sample Essay: Howard Becker – Sociology Theorist

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First thing that came into my head while analyzing the article with Howard Becker’s theory is that it is applicable not only in the realm of relations “power-society”, which Becker takes as an example in proving his theory of labels.  In my opinion, this theory can also explain a plenty of other types of relationships within society such as subcultures, different communities, families, street gangs, celebrity parties, churches etc.

Strategic Analysys of US Airline Industry

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An outline:

  1. Foreword.
  2. Definition the parameters of analysis.
  3. Historical and social analysis of the industry.
  4. Economical pcharacreristics of US airline industry.
  5. PESTLE analysis of US airline industry.
  6. The ways of indusrty developing.
  7. Conclusion.

Teacher-Centered Approach vs Student-Centered Approach in Modern Education

The new century has faced many challenges related to classroom education in schools and universities. Teacher-centered approach is no longer effective to meet the diverse needs of students and to establish high-achieving learning environment, because the emerge of school violence, formation of more diverse populations, technological advances and educational renewal have placed higher demands on teachers and their approach to classroom education.