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Sample Argumentative Essay: Discrimination Issue

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My name is _______. I work at the shoe store on the position of top manager. My responsibilities include the supervision of supply and sales process at our store, as well as coordination of sellers’ work. Recently our store has faced an issue of hiring a woman, who previously was unemployed, at the position of shop assistant. Unfortunately, we had to refuse this person in employment, since this position required to have some experience in sales. This woman, however, accused us in discriminating her on the basis of gender.

Writing a Corruption Essay

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There are different ways to tackle a corruption essay. First, you can decide to write an informative essay that aims to educate your readers on what corruption really is, where it comes from, and how corruption can be remedied. Second, you can write an argumentative essay on why corruption is one of the biggest problems that countries, both developed and developing, should address by citing the numerous nationwide effects of having a system of corrupt practices in place.