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“Hate Propaganda in Cyberspace: Censorship, Freedom of Speech, and Critical Surfing” by Young M. Kim

Technological innovations have greatly enhanced many aspects of our life. The way we communicate is one of them. However, any change brings not only positive outcomes, but it may also result is some negative effects. Such is the invention of the Internet. On one hand it is a perfect tool for communication with its revolutionary speed and wide accessibility. On other hand, the information publicly available on the Internet is not restricted based on its content, although several attempts have been made, and therefore different age groups are exposed to sometimes violent or harmful information. Hate propaganda is one of the most dangerous types of information publicly accessible on the Internet. Hate groups have been dramatically rising in the United States lately. Since distribution of hate propaganda is inexpensive and far-reaching via Internet, this problem may pose a real danger for our society.

“How Hybrid Cars Work” by Karim Nice

Technology plays a significant role in our modern life. Every aspect of our life has been greatly affected by technological innovations: from the way we work to the way we socialize. Driving vehicles is not an exception. From the symbol of prestige cars have shifted to the mere means of moving from one place to another. However, today it’s not only design or speed that matter. Environmental issues have been raised recently making a great impact on the way the cars are being constructed and exploited. Both the production process and the operation of automobiles are associated with serious environmental risk and environmental damage. Road traffic is one of the biggest sources of atmospheric pollution and has a particularly strong impact on air quality in towns and cities.

“When is an Organization Too Flat?” by Brian Dive

We all are aware of the fact that progressive technologies, informational systems and total quality are obligatory conditions that define “the playing ground” for organizations in the global economics. The only important concurrent advantage for any organization, however, is its human resources. Most organizations today tend to cut off the unprofitable jobs, while retaining the best personnel, especially on the top-level management. However, some recent evidence suggests that the definition of “unprofitable” or valueless positions in the company can be quite subjective resulting in erroneous decisions that negatively affect overall organizational performance.

“Flawed Founders” by Stephen Ambrose

Today most people take freedom for granted. They were born in freedom, they were raised in freedom and they enjoy its fruits not knowing any other way of life. Perhaps, that is why we became so ignorant of the heritage of our Founding Fathers. I was astonished reading the article by Stephen Ambrose “Flawed Founders” and looking at the history of freedom and democracy from this fresh perspective. The author is being simply realistic about what he writes. He is not praising founders of our independent state with an inflated style as I often used to see in History books at High School. He admits the contradictions surrounding our first presidents, but nevertheless pays a deserved tribute to their contribution to the kind of democratic state we live in today.

“What You Don’t Know About Fat” by Anne Underwood & Jerry Adler.

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The problem of eutrophy is essential for people all over the world. I don’t know a single person among my friends and nodding acquaintances who is absolutely indifferent to the problem of excess weight. Even those, who have always been scrawny, in some periods of their lives come back to it. Few superfluous inches around the waist, independently of age and sex have become a national problem.