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How to Write A Cause-And-Effect Essay

Contrary to its name, a cause and effect essay is not an essay about causes and effects. More often, it is an essay about the causes or the effects of an event or a phenomenon. In less often cases, such as when you are asked to write a 20-page cause and effect essay, there is lots of room for you to discuss both the causes and effects. In most cases, though, you will have to decide whether you will focus on the causes or the effects.

Sample Essay: Consumerism and the Popularuty of Reality TV.

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Before radio and television, the family home was a space that could function in relative seclusion from public life. In the advice manuals of Victorian times, the ideal middle class home was one that sheltered women and children from the evil influences of the public sphere. With the rise of consumerism, however, all this began to change. The phonograph, the radio and finally the television replaced the piano. The virtues of thrift and self-improvement gave way to consumerism and the pursuit of leisure for its own sake. Conservatives have always decried these changes and called for a return to the old ways, but modern capitalism depends on its consumers to keep going. Without this shift in family life from thrift to spending and from self-improvement to consumption, the industrial age might never have kept going. [1]

How to Write a Poverty Essay

The struggle against poverty is a worldwide struggle. More than half of the world’s population live on less than $2.50 everyday. Around 80% live on less than $10 a day. The UNICEF reported that around 22,000 children all over the world die everyday due to hunger, malnutrition, diseases caused by poverty. That’s one child in every four seconds or 14 children every minute.

We believe that a good poverty essay would be one that builds on the several poverty reduction measures that have been instituted by governments and non-profit organizations and convinces other people to help join the international movement against poverty. The following are the various solutions that aim to eradicate poverty in all its forms.

How to Write a Globalization Essay

It can be tricky to write a globalization essay because many people have different views on what globalization is. Readers often get confused when writers pepper their essays with technical economic jargon and biased ideologies that serve only to muddle their readers’ thinking instead of clear it up. You have several options when it comes to topics for a globalization essay, but remember to keep your language objective and undetached so your readers can understand your essay well.

Writing an Environment Essay – Ideas & Tips

Environment Essay is a great choice for your cause & effect assignment. Check out these tips from – you may find them very helpful.

There is no way for you to run out of things to say when writing an environment essay. Through the years, the rate at which technology, industrialization, and urban progress has rapidly increased. Unfortunately, these impressive phenomena created by human activities have wreaked havoc on the environment. There is certainly much to say. Be sure to select an environmental issue that is close to your heart and start writing.