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Sample Essay: Global Institutions Challenge Rather Than Defend National Interests

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The concept “nation-state” appeared in the system of international relations in the XVII century, after the Thirty-years war in Europe. The state was identified as the political institution of some ethnos, and the process of transferring sovereignty from the monarch to the people began. The main category, which is in the possession of the state in the realm of international relations, is the national interest. It may be envisaged as a complex of economical, political, cultural, geopolitical, social values, which are relatively constant and which define the foreign policy of the state. National interests express the social, political, and economic motives a nation-state pursue in order to improve its influence and the quality of life of its people. Critical questions when considering national interests include the maintenance of a nation’s sovereignty and the preservation and growth of its identity.

Writing a Terrorism Essay – Essential Tips

Since the beginning of recorded history, the term terrorism has been used but was only until the September 11 attacks in the United States that the tern has gained increasing exposure. It is still difficult to define what terrorism is, although modern cases of what is known to be terrorism have similar elements, such as political motives, violence or threats of violence and extensive psychological effects. There are several issues to address in a terrorism essay. Writing an essay on this topic should be meant to educate the public on what terrorism really is.

Surrogate Motherhood – Yes or No? Sample Essay

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Throughout the world, scientists have investigated and revolutionized our way of deciding how we should live out our lives, how doctors should practice medicine, how scientists study biology, and how we think as individuals.  It is called the Human Genome Project.  While many researchers strive to collect human genetic materials and determine the chemical sequence, the main goals are to detect, understand, and provide new understanding of human evolution in order to develop new ways of treating and preventing debilitating disorders.

Controversial Case Study Essay on U.S. Education

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The controversy over the efficiency of U.S. standards and patterns of education has long been around. Although the traditional approach to education has remained largely unchanged over the last century, the American education became, perhaps, the most democratic and integrated as compared to the majority of other countries. As far as the science concerned, the 1960’s brought the curriculum revolution in this field with new content added to the educational approach. The hands-on activities were generally reduced in favor of more complex and abstract concepts (Slavin, 2002). While the efficiency of this practice is being discussed by scholars and various participants involved, the presented case study demonstrates the actual advantages and disadvantages imposed both on a teacher and his students.