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A Guide to Developing Descriptive Essay Topics

There is a lot of room for fun and creativity in writing a descriptive essay. The process begins with generating various descriptive essay topics and venturing out to develop these topics in greater detail. However, writing a descriptive essay is not as easy as it sounds. You may think it simple enough to pick out a topic and describe it, but there are several descriptive techniques that many college students and amateur writers are not aware of. Simply put, a descriptive essay is not a hodgepodge of adjectives and adverbs that can be used to describe one thing. It is a structured and elaborate essay that aims to create a vivid and moving picture of what you aim to describe in the mind of your readers.

Sample Descriptive Essay: The Dobe Ju/’hoansi

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The social order, the form of social cooperation is defined by economic relations, economic level, system of power, system of values and ideas. Besides these internal factors, there are also influences from abroad, which is significant feature of modern world. The society is a complex polysyllabic multistage system, composed of its elements and their internal relations. Such a change of views may be linked with the technical and social, cultural and political progress of XX century, with acceleration of development process.

Sample Descriptive Essay: The Miracles of Saint Francis of Paola.

Each artist has his own system of ideas, views, principles, and he has an intention of expressing these thoughts in his masterpieces. The painters can present their ideas by meaning and symbols of pictures, by specific artistic methods, by concealed sense of painting. The spectator understands the masterpiece in a way he wants, but we must admit, that the painter introduced his ideas in picture with intention of showing them to public and persuading the public in rightness of his ideas[i]. That’s why the specialists – artistic critics – must analyse all the elements of picture for understanding its genuine sense, meaning. Among the proper artistic methods we must also take into account the biography of painter, the social conditions of his life, the political and economical system of his time, the dominating religion (it especially concerns the works of IX – XVI centuries, when the religious authority dominated in Europe).

Sample Essays: Channel Development in Marketing

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Channel development and pricing represent the crucial elements for the effective marketing strategy of a company on either new or existing markets. However, the extent of their influence can only be fully realized when the strategy is applied in practice and calculated in numbers. Thus, with the help of simulation case describing the channel development and pricing strategy of Add Computers on the new market in England it was possible to estimate the importance of precise calculations and marketing choices and learn those innocent mistakes that can nevertheless lead to a big failure.

Sample Essay: Green Party – Missions and Goals

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In the contemporary world almost each organisation in its program declares its ecological principles, so that these principles are compulsory for its activity. But this declaring plays a too little role in the Green motion. That’s why I decided to describe the activity, missions and goals of Green Party, it is the organisation that acts according to the main ecological principles and, what is more, persuades the mankind to follow its example. Concerning my attitude to Green Party, I must say that my political preferences are in its side and my political future will be linked to Green Party.

Employee Recruitment, Selection and Retention

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  1. Introduction
  2. Employee attitude
  3. Organizational commitment
  4. Job involvement
  5. Conclusion