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Sample Essay: Baroques Orchestras in Music

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The twentieth century gave to the human culture the examples of new art, in which the expression of artist’s feelings, his own understanding of world and the theme of art with philosophy prevails. One of these examples is the baroque music, particularly the baroque orchestra.

Sample Essay: Consumerism and the Popularuty of Reality TV.

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Before radio and television, the family home was a space that could function in relative seclusion from public life. In the advice manuals of Victorian times, the ideal middle class home was one that sheltered women and children from the evil influences of the public sphere. With the rise of consumerism, however, all this began to change. The phonograph, the radio and finally the television replaced the piano. The virtues of thrift and self-improvement gave way to consumerism and the pursuit of leisure for its own sake. Conservatives have always decried these changes and called for a return to the old ways, but modern capitalism depends on its consumers to keep going. Without this shift in family life from thrift to spending and from self-improvement to consumption, the industrial age might never have kept going. [1]

Sample Essay: Superhero

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In any country, for every nation superheroes have always been a part of a culture and were treated as “sacred cows” not to be judged or questioned (Ledgin, 2002). Either made-up or real, these superheroes always get all the blessings in the world: love, fame, recognition, wealth and authority. Although there is always an opposite side and true story behind every superhero, we don’t want to know about it, since we are not willing to break our illusionary ideal symbolized by a certain personality. However, the question is why do we love the image of superhero so much? What is the logical explanation for superhero obsession so popular nowadays? Perhaps, the best way to find it out is to question my own attitude towards superheroes?

Sample Essays: Channel Development in Marketing

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Channel development and pricing represent the crucial elements for the effective marketing strategy of a company on either new or existing markets. However, the extent of their influence can only be fully realized when the strategy is applied in practice and calculated in numbers. Thus, with the help of simulation case describing the channel development and pricing strategy of Add Computers on the new market in England it was possible to estimate the importance of precise calculations and marketing choices and learn those innocent mistakes that can nevertheless lead to a big failure.

Sample Expository Essay: Letter from Birmingham Jail

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The history of the United States of America has witnessed many great and outstanding people, who have shaped the current state of political, economic and social issues. Martin Luther King, Jr. will be remembered as one of the greatest speakers and writers of the twentieth century, who has strongly influenced the fate and heritage of black Americans in our country. A great combination of passion and logic, theory and force to serve the community has made this person and his works truly historical. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is one of his most famous works, where Martin Luther King, Jr. responds to a public criticism made by a group of white clergymen at his pro-black organization’s non-violent demonstrations aimed to eliminate racial injustice and prejudice among black people in Birmingham. In the first place King’s response was aimed to defend the non-violent actions performed by his organization, but “Letter from Birmingham Jail” appeared to be also an appeal to both black and white American society, the political, social and religious community and entire humanity to discourage segregation and to encourage equality and solidarity among all American citizens.

Sample Essay: Motivation in the Primary Years

We continue our series of sample essays from Today we’re publishing a sample essay about motivation in the primary years of our lives.

An ouline:

  1. Introduction. What is motivation and what is the role of motivation in the education process?
  2. Children’s motivation and its particularities.
  3. The intrisic and extrinsic motivation.
  4. How to use the psychology of motivation in school?
  5. How do parents can use the psychologhy of motivation?
  6. Conclusion.