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Sample Essays: The Role of Concert for Musicians

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The concert is an indispensable element of every modern musician’s activity. However the concept of concert is in some way paradoxical (taking into account the art theory). This paradox bases on the most difficult question in art theory – what are the reasons for creating. We must admit that most of contemporary musician and singers use concerts as the main way of expressing their talent. From one hand, the art of musician is presented by his songs and musical compositions. But now he needs the recognition of public most of all, so he is due to present his songs on concerts.

Sample Essays: What Makes an Advertising Successful?

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Advertising has become a ruling power in today’s world. No other industry has ever had such influence on market before. But if advertising is the soul of modern economy, the consumer masses, to which the advertisement is intended, are its blood.

Employee Attitude – Sample Illustration Essay

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An outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Employee attitude
  3. Organizational commitment
  4. Job involvement
  5. Conclusion

A foreword:

How are employees linked to the organization for which they work (or to which they belong)? Such a question has been with us for a long time in academia as well as in real life. Early management literature discussed the issue of employee loyalty. For example, to Barnard [1], loyalty is a willingness of persons to contribute efforts to the cooperative system of the organization, which he believed is an essential condition of organization. However, the controversies over the origin, nature, and creation of loyalty continued into and through the 1960s. By the early 1970s the concept of loyalty began to be discussed under a new description called organizational commitment and employee attitude.

The Main Characteristics of Airline Industry and Factors Affecting Competition

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An outline:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Current situation in airline industry.
  3. The problems and difficulties facing modern airline companies.
  4. The future of airline industry.
  5. The competition in the market of air transporting.
  6. Conclusions. Benefits and losses of managing airline company.

How to Write a Poverty Essay

The struggle against poverty is a worldwide struggle. More than half of the world’s population live on less than $2.50 everyday. Around 80% live on less than $10 a day. The UNICEF reported that around 22,000 children all over the world die everyday due to hunger, malnutrition, diseases caused by poverty. That’s one child in every four seconds or 14 children every minute.

We believe that a good poverty essay would be one that builds on the several poverty reduction measures that have been instituted by governments and non-profit organizations and convinces other people to help join the international movement against poverty. The following are the various solutions that aim to eradicate poverty in all its forms.

Application Of Organisational Behaviour Concepts To Personal Life

It is common knowledge today that progressive technologies, informational systems and total quality are obligatory conditions that define “the playing ground” for the organizations in the global economics. Now, especially in the XXI century, the only important concurrent advantage of the organization is its human resources. Thus, scientific grounds of organization behavior and their practical application by means of human resources management  become very important (if not the most important) trend in management. The tendency is strengthened by the following trends in global economy:  the transformation of today’s workplace puts new demands to employees – flexibility, life long learning, new ways of looking at things. Besides, workplace has become more heterogenous in means of gender, race, ethnicity; thus employees don’t necessarily assimilate but maintain culture, this creating need for organization to consider differences.