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Research Paper Example: Determinants of Health

The health of an individual living in a certain region is determined by his/her emotional and physical probes which make him/her responsive to his/her surroundings. In our surrounding the people around us form our social world while the physical features and factors are part of our environmental world. A good social standing and environment are components of healthy living. This paper explores the environmental and social factors that determine the health index of the tri-state mid-Atlantic region in the United States. The region specifically constitutes Washington, Maryland, and Virginia states. The paper looks at most of the aspects of the environment that determine the suitability of residence and vulnerability of a person to unhealthy conditions. Some of the parameters considered include the cost of living, neighborhood, racial profiling, access to quality medical healthcare, lifestyle, the social capital, and chronic stress levels as social factors. The environmental factors include housing, radiation, access to clean water, pollution and the transport system.

How to Write a Literature Review for a Research Paper

Knowing how to write literature review for a research paper is critical for every college student. Writing an undergraduate thesis is often a prerequisite for graduation because it summarizes everything you have learned during the last four years. The literature review, however, is one of the most challenging elements of the research paper to write.

What Is A College Thesis?

Does it ever surprise you to know that when you get to your senior year in college, your professors will never, not once in your lifetime, answer the question, “What is a college thesis?”

Certainly, with the guidance of an able and competent thesis advisor, you will be able to turn in a thesis that demonstrates thorough research and effective arguments. Your advisor will provide feedback and assistance when you need him to and, very likely, his comments on the progress of your work will propel you to redirect your arguments in the right direction.

How to Make A Methodology For A Research Paper

The methodology is the heart and soul of any research paper. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most challenging sections to write. Many college students are not trained how to make a methodology properly because their professors assume that it has been taught to them when they were in high school. As a result, a lot of students simply look up the Internet for a methodology sample that they can pattern their own methodology into. Luckily, the Internet provides a lot of resources for learning.

Sample Essay: Business Analysis of Company Ferrari Using Baldrige Award Criteria

Students need some decent knowledge and writing skills to write a business analysis of high quality. This writing assignment may become a challenge for many. Here’s a sample business analysis paper to help your efforts.


A) Introduction: purpose of the business analysis and methodology;

B) Research based on Baldrige Award Criteria;

1) Leadership: organizational and social;

2) Strategic planning: strategy development and deployment;

3) Customers and market focus: customer relationships and satisfaction;

What Is A Research Proposal? How to Write One That Gets Approved

A research paper, whether it is a beginner’s term paper for high school students or a full-blown thesis or dissertation for completing a degree, is almost always preceded by a research proposal. What is research proposal? A research proposal contains the details of what you plan to do for your research. It serves as a written agreement between you and your thesis advisor and details what you plan to do for your research, how to do it and what you expect out of it.