How to Write a Globalization Essay

It can be tricky to write a globalization essay because many people have different views on what globalization is. Readers often get confused when writers pepper their essays with technical economic jargon and biased ideologies that serve only to muddle their readers’ thinking instead of clear it up. You have several options when it comes to topics for a globalization essay, but remember to keep your language objective and undetached so your readers can understand your essay well.

Globalization and Trade

The world has experienced an unprecedented boom in world trade. The value of international trade has risen by more than 20 times in the 1950s and has skyrocketed to more than $8 trillion in 2008. Increased trade has produced desirable outcomes in the form of higher incomes, more jobs, reduced prices and increased workers’ earning power. But local and national economies are so connected to one another than when an economic recession happens in one part of the world, the effects are felt reverberating all across the oceans to other countries. This is one major issue that you can address in a globalization essay.

Globalization and the Environment

Several issues have cropped up regarding the environment-friendliness of globalization measures, such as free trade. The most widely discussed example is the decision of the World Trade Organization in 1998 to nullify a U.S. court decision that imposes the use of turtle excluder devices in the shrimp industry. The WTO said this was in violation of the world trade law, which espouses free trade among participating nations. You may use this example to try and strike a balance between the environmental protection statutes and the provisions for international economic development in your globalization essay.

Globalization and Media

Media is a very powerful tool for information dissemination and communication. After the rise of emailing, chatting, and videoconferencing, people from various points of the world can communicate with one another in real time for cheap prices. The world has become a global village where people can interact with one another right here, right now. But the ubiquity and accessibility of media also has its drawbacks, including the spread of unreliable, biased and even false news propagated by uneducated people or those with self-seeking purposes.

Globalization and Culture

Most discussions on globalization focus on the tangible economic and political effects of free international trade. You can go the other way and breach almost uncharted territories in your essay by assessing the impact that globalization has on the indigenous cultures that are unique to different localities. On one hand, people are exposed to new ideas, practices, and customs that they would have otherwise no means of experiencing. On the other hand, some new ideologies may be too all-pervading that they supplant the ethnic culture – something that nations hold on to when they have no successful economy or political system to be proud of. It is precisely because a nation’s pride stems in its national heritage that a globalization essay on culture should be written sensitively and carefully.

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