How to Write a Poverty Essay

The struggle against poverty is a worldwide struggle. More than half of the world’s population live on less than $2.50 everyday. Around 80% live on less than $10 a day. The UNICEF reported that around 22,000 children all over the world die everyday due to hunger, malnutrition, diseases caused by poverty. That’s one child in every four seconds or 14 children every minute.

We believe that a good poverty essay would be one that builds on the several poverty reduction measures that have been instituted by governments and non-profit organizations and convinces other people to help join the international movement against poverty. The following are the various solutions that aim to eradicate poverty in all its forms.

Provision of Basic Needs

Delivering the basic needs of the people is one of the major solutions of poverty. These basic needs include an inclusive health care system that provides high-quality health care services to those who cannot afford it and free primary education for all children of school age. In your poverty essay, give several examples how a government policy of providing basic needs helped reduce poverty. A good example is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is not a rich country but it was able to reduce its maternal mortality rate from 2% in the 1930s to 0.06% in the 2000s though it decreased its budget for maternal health. The solution was simple: water filters and the education of the people on the importance of hand-washing.

Eradication of Political Restraints and Corruption

One of the main reasons why poor countries fail to provide the basic needs of their constituents is the massive and oft-institutionalized corruption in the government. In Nigeria, for example, the country’s leaders have stolen at least $400 billion from the country’s oil revenues, which could have been used to build schools, roads and hospitals in the most destitute corners of their territory. Other developing countries are hugely indebted to the World Bank, thus majority of their annual budgets are focused on paying off their debts instead of providing basic needs. Debt relief for poorer countries and a more transparent way of ensuring accountability from people in high government positions should be established to eradicate poverty.

Brain Drain Reversal

It is said that a country is no better than its people. An interesting angle to take in your poverty essay is the phenomenon in poor countries where the skilled and educated workers migrate to greener pastures because they could not find the opportunities to succeed financially in their own home country. In the Philippines, more than 100,000 nurses have migrated to Western countries from 1994 to 2006. In Ethiopia, there are more Ethiopian doctors working abroad than there are doctors working in Ethiopia itself. Countries should be able to eliminate this problem by proposing a career-advancement program for all professionals and mandating all graduates of public universities to work for the government after graduation.

Empowering Women

In research conducted by the World Bank, there is a correlation between gender equality and poverty reduction. The World Bank states that faster economic growth is seen in countries with little discrimination between the sexes. There ought to be a poverty reduction program aimed specifically for poor women. Education about their own reproductive health and family planning is seen as the primary solution to overpopulation, which causes more problems such as the scarcity of resources for most of the population.

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