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1. INTRODUCTION: History of development of Management Information Systems


2.1. E-commerce in business environment of tourist company “Europe-Group”

2.2. MIS as an effective tool of market competitiveness



Computer MonitorNowadays modern companies, actively participating in business market relations, meet the necessity to implement Management Information Systems (MIS). Huge amount of paperwork, accounting, interactive mode, work with databases, paperless processing of documents, updating of databases can not be possible without modern computer technologies. (John Ward, 1995) There are many types of information systems used in business environment of leading companies, such as: database processing systems, marketing systems.   Management Information Systems are any systems, which provide people with information and data about business operations carried out by the organization.  MIS is used in business activity of the stuff, top management and clients. The assistance to all of them if effected through efficient data processing in transactions. (John Ward, 1995)

Management Information Systems are constantly developing. First of them are dated in the 50-th of the twenties century. These systems were designed to effect accounts processing and salary management. It resulted in some reduction of expenses and time for preparation of paper documents. With their further development information systems were capable of making automatic accounting for the organization. Microprocessors and interactive displays were built in modern information systems devices. (John Ward, 1995)

By the end of the 70-th in the offices of any organization there were applied various computer and telecommunication technologies which have expanded a scope of information systems. Text processing, e-mail communication started to be widely used as means of the administrative control, supporting and accelerating decision-making process. (John Ward, 1995)

The new stage in the Information systems development was achieved by the end of the 80-th. Many companies have discovered the strategic power of implementing computer technologies in their activity, which could timely provide necessary information, create new goods and services, find new commodity markets and new partners. All this innovations helped to increase the competitiveness of the company in the market. (John Ward, 1995)

Since the middle of the 90-th plenty of business organizations have started to use on-line commerce. Following large companies, producing software equipment, companies that produce traditional goods started to use e-commerce in their activity. Plenty of shops selling books, CD, food and other products through Internet have appeared during the last years of the 90-th. (John Ward, 1995)

Realizing the essential need for implementing various MIS in order to have market competitive strength, our company, which specializes in provision of tourist services, has been intensively using such means of modern business development.


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is an acceleration of the majority of business processes in which information is transferred directly to the addressee, passing a stage of creation of a paper copy of any document at each stage. (John Ward, 1995) The system of e-commerce in our organization can be divided into two classes: the system of retail trade through Internet and the system of interactions with business partners.

The advantages of implementation of e-commerce in our company are obvious:

– the efficiency of the access to information, especially in international trade;

– the cycle of sales is considerably decreased as there is no need to enter received documents each time;

– costs for information exchange are reduced due to using more cheap means of communication;

– implementation of Internet technologies and e-commerce gives company the possibility to be more open towards its clients;

– helps the company in the easy way to inform its consumers of new services;

– gives the company possibility to use more sales channels, for example through on-line shop. (Parker, Charles, 1993)

The implementation of modern Internet technologies in our business is not only the creation of the web site or electronic catalogue with the possibility of customizing services on-line,  it means using technologies and the collected experience for deep reconstruction of business operations through Internet. Electronic commerce is a process of earning money with use of Internet – technologies. (Parker, Charles, 1993)

The success of building the model of electronic commerce is based on tree main principles:

– the choice of correct technological platform;

– the availability of a competitive product;

– the availability of necessary infrastructure and business processes. (Parker, Charles, 1993)

First of all the implementation of e-commerce is necessary for our company, because we have developed regional partnership network, therefore it can provide for a considerable reduction of costs in ordering process.

Some years ago, when the e-commerce technologies were not so widely implemented in the present business environment it was like a game where there are no guarantees, plenty of players and no one knows whether he is going to remain in the game. However the game field of Internet-commerce has considerably changed, and these changes are irreversible. Recent interrogation of more than 100 companies with staff of more than 500 persons carried out by Zona Research, has shown that about 80 per cent of them use Internet for marketing, and 10 per cent are already engaged in electronic trade. (Parker, Charles, 1993) This research has also shown, that almost 45 per cent  of these companies plan to begin realization of programs of sales through Internet in the nearest years. According to Grthner Group investigations the growth of e-commerce in big companies from 8 per cent in 1996 up to 63 per cent in year 2000. (Parker, Charles, 1993)

Since in our age information is the most valuable asset one can possess, we certainly have considered this information for our company when first started implementing achievements of modern technology.

One of the essential problems for successful e-commerce in our company was the creation of necessary infrastructure. The basic network infrastructure should have been advanced in order to meet rigid requirements of electronic commerce.  Creation or modernization of a server of databases, installation of more powerful sluice or renting more capacious channel should have been demanded with the purpose of increase in throughput.

The possibilities for creation of corporate management systems, implementation of modern information technologies have given a great impulse to the development of these trends during the last years. The role of planning department in the company has increased. It turned to be the analytical and methodological center of project management in the company.  Efficient project management system is the criteria of organization level of the company and the level of its maturity. It gives the following advantages to the company:

– implementation of  management information systems, uniform methodology, creates corporate culture of project management, basing on the uniform approaches, databases and generalization of the saved up experience;

– the unified approaches to the project management allow to work not  only on separate projects, but also to work on programs, including  several subprojects and have the “big picture” of all projects of the company, despite the fact that each project is supervised by it’ own manager;

– “multi-project” management helps to trace the interaction of the projects and manage the company resources efficiently, optimize cash flow of the projects;

– management information systems can help to analyze the effectiveness of the project, systemize and accumulate experience of its implementation so that this knowledge can be used for carrying out future projects. This is so called “Memory of the company”. (Parker, Charles, 1993)

Today information technologies in our company influence not only data processing but also the way of effecting the work by the staff, the service itself and the competitiveness of the company. In most organizations information is the basic resource and information processing is the matter of strategic importance. Our company could not reach appropriate level of competitiveness unless it could provide its customers with the level of service, which could only be possible with implementation of high technologies.

Information systems serve for providing all necessary information to managing staff. In the common case the Management Information System includes four basic subsystems:

– the system of transaction processing;

– the system of accounts management;

– office information system;

– the system of “support for taking decisions”, which can include information of the manager, expert system.

Our company use Management Information Systems for various purposes. They increase the labor efficiency, providing for more quick and cost-efficient job doing, taking correct decisions. Management Information System help to increase the service quality for customers and clients, create and update the products as well as fortify the company position in the market. It is as well the way to increase the level of company competitiveness through cost reduction, quality improvement and efficient projects management. (Bentley, Trevor J., 1986)


Development and implementation of Management Information Systems in modern business environment helped to provide access to information to all groups of the company staff. The tasks which in the early days could by performed by a highly qualified personnel with the automation of production and management processes became possible to do for  everyone having the slightest computer literacy. Now almost everyone working in the company has access to vital and precise data which he or she had never had before the era of wide computerization.

Management Information System serve and e-commerce have played tremendous role in business progress of our company and helped to accumulate information, protect it and use it in the most efficient way.

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