Persuasive Essay Example: Human Resources – Education and Labour Market

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An outline:

  1. An introduction.
  2. The education as a factor influencing on labour market.
  3. The types of educational systems and their differences.
  4. Conclusion.

The education is a process of getting knowledge, and if we envisage the knowledge as a product, which has an economic and financial value, we must admit that the education is a part of economic life of nation or world, in fact it is the compulsory element of economic society’s life.

But now we investigate another link between economy and education – the impact of educational process and its findings on labour market. So that the proper process of getting knowledge is going on the second plan, and the person, which possesses some skills is more valuable. It’s obvious, that the labourers, whose skills or knowledge are higher (bigger, larger) than these properties of other labourers will be estimated higher on labour market, and his perspectives on getting some job are higher[i]. Naturally, the companies (employers) are searching for the best among well-skilled workers, because they can achieve more results and their activity will be more useful for this company (employer). So, the first difference is in the estimation of workers in exact accordance with their professional quality, or, in other words, the level of their common and special education. Second advantage of good education is the proper process of searching for the job. There are some specific rules and means in this activity, and the worker, who knows them better will achieve more in competition for worker’s places. Of course, the easiest and most widespread way of getting such knowledge is the education. Besides it, there are the special schools or universities, which guarantee to their students the worker’s places. The impact of such co-operation between educational and proper economic (business) organisations on the global economy isn’t big small, but such an examples impede the competition on the labour market, making it more difficult to win.

That’s why the issue of different types of educational systems emerges in the context of competition in labour market. The system of state schools and universities, with same educational programs, prepare the specialists, which have the same skills and knowledge, whose level of education can differ only in the case, when one person tries to study better than another, but otherwise the students are due to search the job by their own means, so that they must lose time on showing their skills and proving their effectiveness in doing some job[ii]. And when the student demonstrates a diploma of some well-known university and the employer knows this university as an organisation, which prepare well-skilled specialists, this student can find a job just after his graduating[iii].

So, the education and educational systems define much the properties of future workers, and these factors are very influencing on contemporary labour market.

List of notes:

[i] Mike West (1998) –  “The Education as a First Step in Business”.

[ii] Paul Kurdinsky (2000) – “The Types of Educational Systems”.

[iii] Paul Kurdinsky (2000) – “The Types of Educational Systems”.

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