Sample Argumentative Essay: Discrimination Issue

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My name is _______. I work at the shoe store on the position of top manager. My responsibilities include the supervision of supply and sales process at our store, as well as coordination of sellers’ work. Recently our store has faced an issue of hiring a woman, who previously was unemployed, at the position of shop assistant. Unfortunately, we had to refuse this person in employment, since this position required to have some experience in sales. This woman, however, accused us in discriminating her on the basis of gender.

Having a long-term experience of working at this store, I’d like to argue such accusation, since our store throughout its existence have been hiring people of different age, gender and race. What we are looking for in the potential candidates for employment is rather their knowledge, experience and skills, than some other personal characteristics. But with this knew wave of anti-discrimination campaigns such approach is being viewed as negative.

I believe, our store shouldn’t change its approach to employment, because being a private enterprise, our business solely depends on the profits we gain. This requires to implement the effective management strategies and to employ the best personnel available, since human resources is an essential part of our business. If we will give priorities to our candidates based on their gender or race rather than their performance, we will not be able to sustain the effective sales management. Besides, this would be a direct discrimination against skilled people, if talking about discrimination in general.

Same approach should be the guidance for any other profit organization or enterprise in the free market economy. If the government will start to force private enterprises to hire people on any other basis than their skills and qualification, this will be the direct violation of rights in the private business section.

I hope this will be clear for any potential candidates in the future, that we do not discriminate them neither on the basis of sex nor on the grounds of ethnicity, race, age or disability. We welcome any person who qualify to work as a seller or a clerk and who may prove his or her effectiveness while working in our store and contributing to the development of our business.

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