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In any country, for every nation superheroes have always been a part of a culture and were treated as “sacred cows” not to be judged or questioned (Ledgin, 2002). Either made-up or real, these superheroes always get all the blessings in the world: love, fame, recognition, wealth and authority. Although there is always an opposite side and true story behind every superhero, we don’t want to know about it, since we are not willing to break our illusionary ideal symbolized by a certain personality. However, the question is why do we love the image of superhero so much? What is the logical explanation for superhero obsession so popular nowadays? Perhaps, the best way to find it out is to question my own attitude towards superheroes?

One of the things I love about superheroes is that they are cool. I think that it’s absolutely normal if we love something that is superior to our own being. This means we grow. We strive to ideal represented by our favorite superhero: handsome, intelligent, brave and strong person, who is always willing to help and rescue his or her own life for his values and for the good vs. evil. In a way, our massive obsession with superheroes brings its positive impact on the development of each individual in particular. Superheroes serve as role models for our own life and behavior. The problems is when there is a good superhero, there should be an evil enemy, which he fights, and people not always take positive heroes for their role models.

Another positive thing about superheroes is that they give a hope to people that whenever there is a disaster there will be someone who will rescue them from all hardships. However, such hope I believe is only permissible to a certain extent. If people start building their illusions about some rescuer and do not count on their own strength to overcome all hardships in their life, this hope becomes disastrous to one’s life. Therefore, the well-known stereotype about “rich and handsome prince on a white horse” should not encourage all girls to wait for “opportunity” instead of creating it for themselves.

Finally, the love for superheroes is so popular because they accomplish those things that the rest of us fail to achieve or even never get around. Thus, when we watch a movie or read a book, we can identify with some hero during the process and daydream about ourselves being on the place of a beloved character. However, if this daydreaming is not supported by some positive action, we may end up achieving nothing at all and justifying our failure by lack of those super traits possessed by superheroes. Therefore, our superheroes will lead us to success only when we strive to become one of them and act for achieving this goal (Ledgin, 2002).

Superheroes should serve as role models, not as some unattainable stars, and with our independent judgment and critical thinking we must be able to choose the best traits within each superhero and apply them in our personal life.


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