Sample Essays: Divorce and Its Effects on Children

Students are often given writing assignments. And quite often they have to write essays on social topics. Below is the one about divorce.

It is important for people to realize that they are not alone. However, generalizing divorces cannot be accomplished, each one is unique.

lonely kid-parents divorcedI am 15 years old now, and a product of  a bitter divorce (when I was only 10). My parents fought – both mentally and physically – in the presence of my sister and I. Although they tried to avoid such altercations when we were near, it was impossible to do so.

Throughout the divorce, both my sister and I gained a substantial amount of weight, making a social life somewhat of a challenge. With problems at home, no child wants to face obnoxious kids at school – they begin to feel like everyone is “out to get them”. Even my weekends were taken with visits to psychologists, family counselor’s, and the judge’s chambers. As a result of my parent’s divorce, our entire family unity was shattered.

When my parents criticized each other, I couldn’t help but think of the imperfect background I had sprung from. That is, until I realized no marriage is perfect. I have learned to remember the good parts of my childhood – vacations without fights, family outings, among other things.

With my life finally back in order, nothing else seems to have evolved at all. My sister still hates my dad, will not go on visitations, and my mom continues to complain about how bad her life has become. Clearly, it is hard to benefit from a divorce. But, that all is decided by how it is handled. I love my parents very much. I refused to listen as each one explained the horrible things that their spouse had done to them. The most important thing for a child to understand is that they must make the difference. Don’t just let everything happen, make what you want to happen really occur.

Today, my father is distanced from the family. I bet there are still times he thinks, if I had only stuck it out, I would have a real family life now. Which, he doesn’t. I still wish that my parents had never divorced. I think it affects kids more than is even realized. It cuts into the development of the children relationship with the world around him/her. If the child is particularly sensitive, it can cause more serious problems, like mental problems and a lot of problems with men. 1

Five years later, I think I can say I accept their divorce. I don’t agree with it, and I still grieve the loss of my family. Some days I don’t think about it any more, but some days a childhood memory resurfaces and I’m sad all over again.

The bottom line is, parental divorce is a difficult, depressing experience no matter the age of the children involved. And if you’re an adult whose parents are divorcing, and you recognize yourself in any of these words, you’re not alone.


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