Sample Essays: Ecological Principles of Organisation’s Activity

An Outline:

  1. Introduction. The importance of ecological principles.
  2. Green Party as an example of ecological organisation.
  3. Tre goals and mission of Green Party.
  4. The principles of Green Party activity.
  5. Conclusions.

A Foreword:

In the contemporary world almost each organisation in its program declares its ecological principles, so that these principles are compulsory for its activity. But this declaring plays a too little role in the Green motion. That’s why I decided to describe the activity, missions and goals of Green Party, it is the organisation that acts according to the main ecological principles and, what is more, persuades the mankind to follow its example. Concerning my attitude to Green Party, I must say that my political preferences are in its side and my political future will be linked to Green Party.

Formation of a motion of the Green as a whole and its political avant-garde – the Parties of the Green in particular, became response of the widest layers of a public of the different countries of the world to global problems caused by disharmony of social, economic and political processes of the second half of XX century, to amplification of the anti-democratic tendencies of public development, to propagation of gauges of techniques accidents and degradation of an environment, to amplification of threat of the global nuclear conflict and prompt militarization of different spheres of ability to live of the society[i].

On crisis 1960-1970 years, in conditions of permanent social-political intensity, the Green of Europe and USA has became and still remain the most active conductors of ideas of penetrating democratization – decentralization  of administration of government, ensuring of the civil rights of the personality irrespective of its social status, respect for the rights of minority.

The Green Party has incorporated, critically has analyzed and adapted for domestic conditions an ideological heritage of the predecessors. It is the bearer of the concept of development, which introduction will give “the second breath” to our state. Overcoming of chronic system crisis, which is experienced with our country, causes necessity of system, package approach to its overcoming. Such approach is characteristic for activity of the Green.

Guarantee of the best future of our country is in denial of aggressive technocratism, rational use of resources, in the coordination of interests of different social groups, in the refusal from violence above the man and nature. “The Green act against violence in its any shapes and displays”[ii]. The highest values are life and freedom. Political will of the society must be in subordination to needs of their protection.

Green asserts necessity of use of ecological measuring for definition of levels, character and substantial prospects for the development of the society. Green generated and will use now as guide to action the concept of ecologically balanced development, that is such way of development of productive forces, at which execution is provided not at the cost of unrestricted extensive use of resources, but on the basis of their constant recovering or minimally necessary use. The balanced development provides the constant coordination of needs of managing with interests of a protection of natural environment, and macroeconomic orienting points with the social reasons, minimization of use of non-restorable natural resources without lowering a standard of living, that is achievable under condition of mobilization of the total of modern technologies and presence of independent political will.

The Green, as against other political forces, consider political, social-economic and ecological problems in their deep interrelation, define trajectories of their complex solution. The harmonization of the interior relations of the society and harmonization of interaction of the society with environment is the two-in-one task of the Green[iii].

The modern transition period causes necessity of deep reorganization of bases of management and managing according to principles of the ecologically balanced democratic development, that enables not only to improve state of national economy, but also to shun those mistakes, which supposed the advanced countries during market evolution.

The power for the Green is not end in itself, but the way of action on strategy of public development with the purpose of a basic change of the approaches to ensuring social needs, because the dominant patterns deprive a civilization of its future. Green realizes the political responsibility for accomplishment of declared intents. The activity of the Green is based on the principles of democracy, humanity, and respect to the human rights and interests irrespective of the social status, nationalities or derivations

The Green asserts development of national cultures on principles of coexistence and relative enrichment. Multi-culture is a prominent feature of a modern civilization. The national cultural values constitute, in aggregate, the world culture[iv]. The threat to unification of cultural medium, losses of national identity in supranational conglomerate is substantial and scale in view of global integration processes, which come to light in the second half twentieth century.

List of notes

[i] From Internet-page of NZERN – New Zealand Ecological Restoration Network.

[ii] “Interagency Ecology Program – Mission  and Goals Statement” – from Internet-page of San Joaquin Estuary, Sacramento.

[iii] From the political program of US Green Party.

[iv] The main source.

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