Sample Essays: The Role of Concert for Musicians

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The concert is an indispensable element of every modern musician’s activity. However the concept of concert is in some way paradoxical (taking into account the art theory). This paradox bases on the most difficult question in art theory – what are the reasons for creating. We must admit that most of contemporary musician and singers use concerts as the main way of expressing their talent. From one hand, the art of musician is presented by his songs and musical compositions. But now he needs the recognition of public most of all, so he is due to present his songs on concerts. The concert has also place because of the wish of admirers and of musicians to meet one another, to communicate more closely. The concerts plays a role of accumulators of energy, of “ecstasy pills”[1] for musician and fans. In fact, the communication with admirers gives many energy and forces to singer, an his music becomes a real art, not simply a work. For example, the concert of group “Queen” once gathered 250 000 listeners. All of them were crying and echoing, singing with Freddi Mercury, and they arose the spirit and internal energy of musicians[2]. The concerts are the estimation of musician’s activity, a “battery” for his future creation and a chance to meet his admirers, briefly.

And what is important, the proper music created in studios and on concerts has many differences.  We must also take into account another criterion – whether the musician uses the phonogram on his concert. If yes, there are almost no differences between concert and studio music (the singer just uses the music, written in studio, he creates nothing new). That’s why let us investigate the case, when the musician plays and sings himself. The musician can not have all the apparatus, equipment that is in the studio, so, the concert music has less specific sounds. On concert the musician can improvise, that’s why the length of song can differ, the musical plays may be longer or shorter (in 90 cases from one hundred they are longer[3]). The speed of playing and singing is often changed. The singers sometimes change the words of songs (particularly if the song is old[4]). The singers usually turn the microphone to the hall, and the fans cry the words of song (by the way, rather melodically and rhythmically[5]). The musicians practice the conversations with admirers, particularly during the play, in the beginning or end of song and between the couplets. From another respect, the musician has no right for mistake under the views of thousands of listeners, he can’t forget the words etc. – the concert is a maximum concentration for musician. But we must admit that the concerts have not the proper musical character, their main purpose is to present the art to public and to communicate with admirers.

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