Sample Essays: What Makes an Advertising Successful?

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Advertising has become a ruling power in today’s world. No other industry has ever had such influence on market before. But if advertising is the soul of modern economy, the consumer masses, to which the advertisement is intended, are its blood.


There have been hundreds of effective and memorable advertising campaigns since the dawn of mass media. Some of them we remember, and many of them we don’t. The “got milk?” campaign is one that we remember. Maybe it is remembered because it is quite recent, but there is something about it that made it extremely effective.

The “got milk?” campaign utilized deprivation, humor, and personalization in its advertising to draw people in. It listened to focus groups, stayed on message, and had clear and streamlined tactics. These, as well as many other factors led to the success of the “got milk?” campaign.

There were two main techniques used in the “got milk?” advertisements: deprivation and humor. Those elements, when used in tandem, were what brought the milk industry back to life.

Deprivation was a key element to the campaign from the beginning. The tagline says it all: “got milk?”  This method affects people on a very basic level and they turn it around and personalize it to their own lives. Everyone understands that deprivation of anything is to be avoided at all costs.

If deprivation was the soul, then humor was the heart of the “got milk?” campaign. By using humor the campaign distinguished itself from most other advertisements; using humor was unprecedented and groundbreaking. If an advertisement could make the audience laugh, then they would give their attention and their money. The “got milk?” advertising campaign produced its desired effects. It received numerous awards and recognitions.


Two appeals – love and happiness – are being used extensively in various advertising campaigns: from cars to building materials. Lingerie, of course, should be one of the first industries to use these appeals as effective as possible, expending the above mentioned concepts to satisfaction, desire, sensitivity, romance, lust, feminity /masculinity, etc. The first lingerie company to come in our mind when we think about these feelings is, of course, Victoria’s Secret – one of the world recognized brands known for its stylish lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret stores and marketing definitely cater to women. They know what women want and give it to them. They realize that ultimate desire that motivates women to buy beautiful lingerie is to become closer to men’s idea of sexuality and beauty. Although some insist that the marketing campaigns of Victoria’s Secret are quite aggressive and patronizing to women, I guess that’s what the entire world of advertisement is.


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