Sample Essays: Working Single Mother

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She doesn’t know what the word “entertainment” means. There is no time for any kind of entertainment in her young life like going with friends to the movies, disco club or some music gig or just speaking to her friends. They became a sort of remote to her, of course, they don’t realize what it means, to have a small baby, visit school and earn money simultaneously. She already forgot when the last time she managed to buy any new clothes for herself, not saying about some other things, which any teenager pines for,  such as new CD, computer, new fashionable shoes or a car. Her life seems so often to other people to be ridiculous, for it is absurd when a young girl thinks about nothing but how to survive.

“My name is Petra, I am 16 years old. A year ago I gave birth to my daughter Eveline. When my parents got to know about my pregnancy, they turned me out of the house. My father has been always a severe man, which didn’t pamper me. Furthermore, I was not a single child in the family. I had two younger brothers, Kim and Michael. Through our childhood parents seldom satisfied our childish whims: my father worked as a school teacher and didn’t make a lot of money, while mother was a house-holder. Our family, therefore, very often had to make ends meet.  We were not those whimsical children who often enjoyed presents, new beautiful clothes or even those conventional conveniences like computer owned by many other children. We lived in a flat of three rooms and sometimes I felt shy to invite my friends to my apartment because it was not so comfortable and cozy. That’s why, as I got pregnant, father was outraged greatly because the family couldn’t help support me financially. I had no choice except one: to find a job and start living separately from my family.”

“Now my day begins at 6 o’clock at the morning. Of course, sometimes I give up to my total and constant drowsiness because the baby regularly cries through the night and I have to get up to make the daughter calm. Sometimes I surrender to that unbearable temptation and let me sleep a bit longer. But if that would be the rule, I would not succeed to prepare my homework for school.

As I get up I start feeding my baby. Then I lay my daughter into the bed and let her sleep. That’s the time to prepare my school lessons.

About 8.30 I go to school. I had to rent a room nearby my school so that to be able to go home and feed Eveline. This happens 4-5 times per day when I have breaks between classes.  Eveline is a calm child, which is most of the time sleeps when I am out. But when she grows up and wants to play more time, demanding the mother’s attention, I can hardly imagine what I should do. Full-time mothering combined with visiting school and earning money is too much for everyone. Maybe later I should look for assistance of some day care centers.

During the classes I am mostly inattentive and absent-minded. My teachers often make admonitions, when see my mind wandering somewhere else. Of course, I am thinking about how to find a new job and where to get money for Eveline’s new clothes and food, and how to pay my rent. Unfortunately, after leaving my home, my parents didn’t succeed much to help me. Father is still angry with me, although mother would be ready to help, but doesn’t have means for that. That’s what comes into my head while school classes are going on. Most teachers, however, know about my uneasy situation and do not demand from me so much as from other students.

But still I am eager to enter the college or university, although realize that my desire is close to pipe-dream. The reason is more than clear: the need to earn money cut almost all other opportunities, which other teenager of my age may enjoy.

After school classes are finished, that it about 15.00, I go home to feed Eveline one more time and then go to work. I work for fast-food restaurant and my working day lasts from 16.00 to 23.00, that are almost 8 ours. This is the biggest problem, for my work is rather active, and there is no possibility to run out and come to Eveline. In the aftermath I feel dead-beat. I come home, feed the baby, have a supper and go to bed. Thanks God – one more day has come to an end. Of course, after these continuous stresses it takes for me at least 1 hour to completely fall asleep. Several times per night I get up to calm the baby. That’s how my working week passes.

During weekends everything is going better: I have more time to be with my daughter but still I work as an office-cleaner. Each Saturday and Sunday I clean two offices, go to supermarket to buy food, launder clothes, prepare food, make my school homework and play with my baby. Estimating all my life and thinking what is the worst and what hurts most, that my daughter is completely deprived of her mother’s attention.”

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