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Sample Essays: Divorce and Its Effects on Children

Students are often given writing assignments. And quite often they have to write essays on social topics. Below is the one about divorce.

It is important for people to realize that they are not alone. However, generalizing divorces cannot be accomplished, each one is unique.

Sample Essay: Stakeholders for International Business Management

Are you going to be an outstanding businessman or business woman? Then here’s a sample business essay for you.

The system is a category, envisaging as an existence of two factors: the elements of this system and the cooperation among them. We must present the enterprise, company as a system, and than admit, that hence the elements of it form the list of stakeholders, and the common efforts, the company’s activity is achieved by their cooperation, and the activity of enterprise is defined by mission statement. So, these documents play pre-eminent role in the process of company’s emerging, in its functioning, and particularly effective functioning, it has an impact on the division of profit, given by company’s activity.

Sample Essays: Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions

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The “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton was proclaimed in a small town of Seneca Falls on July 19-20, 1848. This text was a turn-point for the suffragist movement.  The title itself shows that the text consists of two parts: the declaration of sentiments, which shows the problem, and the resolutions, which should solve it.

Sample Essay: Consumerism and the Popularuty of Reality TV.

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Before radio and television, the family home was a space that could function in relative seclusion from public life. In the advice manuals of Victorian times, the ideal middle class home was one that sheltered women and children from the evil influences of the public sphere. With the rise of consumerism, however, all this began to change. The phonograph, the radio and finally the television replaced the piano. The virtues of thrift and self-improvement gave way to consumerism and the pursuit of leisure for its own sake. Conservatives have always decried these changes and called for a return to the old ways, but modern capitalism depends on its consumers to keep going. Without this shift in family life from thrift to spending and from self-improvement to consumption, the industrial age might never have kept going. [1]