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Sample Essays: A Reaction Essay on Otto Kernberg Views of Bordeline Personality

Do you enjoy writing essays? If so, you’re so lucky! Many students hate doing this and even prefer to order their academic papers from a trusted research paper writing service. But here’s a sample essay for you to improve your essay writing skills.

Common Essay Writing Mistakes: Failing to Prepare

Benjamin Franklin said that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. This definitely holds true for essay writers, whose task of communicating a personal opinion through a piece of structured, written work spans more than the single night right before the deadline. As every essay writer knows, writing is a long process that involves a lot of preparation before the writing proper itself. There are a lot of things to do, from setting the right writing environment to deciding the main points you want to include in your essay.

Essay Help: How to Be Your Own Editor

Writing is a process that starts before and goes beyond the part where you crank out your first draft. In fact, as a college essay writer, you have probably heard a million times that true writing only takes place when you are re-writing. This is why published novelists employ the services of a team of editors to ensure that their writing is going in the right direction. You probably cannot afford to hire your own editors yet, but you can and should edit your own essay before turning it in.

Secrets to Winning an Essay Writing Contest

Joining a writing contest is a fun way for essay writers to showcase their creativity and perhaps even receive some money for it. You might have come across a contest that you wanted to join, but dismissed it with the thought that you’re too busy to write a winning essay. The truth is no writer’s too busy to want to receive recognition for his work. When you told yourself you were busy, didn’t you feel a slight sense of uncertainty about your own talent?

Every writer, professional or otherwise, has his own insecurities. You have to rise above these if you want to win your first ever essay writing contest. Be thankful that there are several ways that allow you to improve your writing and write better and better.

Common Essay Writing Mistakes: Losing Focus

It looks easy whipping out your word processor and cranking out a 1,000-word essay the night before submission. That’s why most essay writers in high school and college often come up with essays that have no clear purpose at all. An essay can, in fact, be well written. It can have the proper tone, appropriate word usage and flawless grammar, but it can still lack a sense of focus that allows the writer to make the best choices when it comes to everything else about the essay.

Defining Your Essay’s Goals: What Do You Want to Do?

Mature and professional essay writer begins with the end in mind. Otherwise, they plow on for each single sentence without any real direction of where the essay is going. Every successful piece of writing is the outcome of pursuing a goal. Every successful writer knows from the beginning what he wants his essay to achieve.

The task of establishing a writing goal for beginners can be daunting. Why can’t you simply write down whatever comes to mind? Because if you’re taking a haphazard approach to your essay, you rarely will come up with anything worth reading at all. What are writing goals, then? And how should you establish them in a way that allows you to achieve them? The answers to these questions and more are found below.

Choosing the Best References for Your Essay

All professional essay writers know that research is an essential part of the writing process. An essay is always essentially composed of the thoughts of the writer, you. But it is helpful to cite credible sources to augment the strength of your own arguments. If you have no idea where and how to begin, researching on your topic can also help you find a specific reference point from which to start your essay.

With most high school and college students, the main difficulty with research is choosing the best sources to use for their essay. With such an overwhelming set of choices, students barely know how to sift through the plethora of information available to them. The following tips will help you select the best references for your essay, no matter the subject you are writing about.

Writing A Gobbledygook-Free Essay

Clutter is a common occurrence in most college essays. Very often, we find ourselves interjecting every piece of high-sounding cliché into the essay, only to muddle up the meaning and confuse the reader. If you’re planning to write an essay, make sure that you write something that is clear and readable.

The following tips are for beginning essay writers, which can also double up as reminders for those who have been writing for quite some time now.

The Secret to an Informative, Comprehensive and Well-Rounded Essay

This is how amateur essay writers prepare for their essays: they sit down, write down what comes to mind in the most appealing manner they can and finish, believing they’ve come up with the best they can.

This is how skillful writers prepare for their essays: they mull over the topic, they read up on the topic, they mull over some more and read up some more until they believe they have enough information to organize into an outline. They then begin writing their first draft, changing and adjusting things as they go along the way, reading up some more if they need to and editing and revising according to the new information they gather.

What’s the difference? Seasoned writers know the importance of research; amateurs rarely do. Research makes for a more comprehensive and insightful essay. It is common sense to know you can’t really write something you don’t know about. So read, stock up on knowledge and do your research.

How to Create a Strong Closing for Your Essay

The last paragraph of your essay – is your last chance at making a lasting impression on your readers. When people reach the end of your essay, it means you are lucky that you have come up with a title, an introduction and an essay body that is catchy and compelling enough to get your readers get to the conclusion of your essay. This time, your main concern is to drive home the point in the most remarkable manner that your readers will always remember your essay. Here are some suggestions.