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Sample Essay: Knowledge Is an Important Ingredient for Making Decisions

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All of us are involved in making decisions, from the two-year-old who decides he does not like a particular food to the company executive who must decide if a new product line is in the best interest of his company. Sometimes we make decisions without even noticing that we actually made one. There are instances, however, when we put in our conscious and concerted effort and time in arriving at a decision. In such cases the crucial part of the decision-making process is the knowledge we use in order to drive a certain conclusion.

Sample Historical Essay: Civil War Medicine

When the Civil War began in April 1861, medicine was approaching what Surgeon General William Hammond called “the end of the medical Middle Ages.” In Europe, the work of Koch and Pasteur was just beginning and American physicians had little knowledge of the cause and prevention of disease and infection. The Army Medical Department, which was responsible for the care of the sick and wounded in the North, was unprepared. The staff of 90 doctors was experienced in dealing with the health problems of small military outposts, but had no idea of how to deal with large scale medical and logistical problems. [1]

Sample Narrative Essay: Little League

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Sixty-four years ago there was a small summer gathering of neighborhood kids organized by Williamsport resident, Carl E. Stotz. It was the beginning of what since grew to a large network of baseball programs called Little League all over the country and worldwide.

Sample Essays: Handling of Bio-terrorist Threats

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Bio-terrorism as the branch of world-spreading mass invasion of global terrorism becomes not just the invention of fiction writers but real threat for mankind. Tragedy on the September 11 when the World Trade Center was bombed has heightened public anxiety and concern about biological agents. The need of protection from bio-terrorism was confirmed when the sarin attack occurred in the Tokyo subway system. Thus, possibility to be attacked with biological weapon turned to be true. Such possibility increases many times as this kind of weapon is being developed by a number of countries around the world. Therefore, any time and anywhere we are under danger to become potential victims of tremendous illness and death because of bio-terrorism. “Bioterrorism covers a very broad spectrum of concerns, from catastrophic terrorism with mass casualties, to micro events using low technology but producing civil unrest, disruption, disease, disabilities, and death.” [1]

Sample Descriptive Essay: The Miracles of Saint Francis of Paola.

Each artist has his own system of ideas, views, principles, and he has an intention of expressing these thoughts in his masterpieces. The painters can present their ideas by meaning and symbols of pictures, by specific artistic methods, by concealed sense of painting. The spectator understands the masterpiece in a way he wants, but we must admit, that the painter introduced his ideas in picture with intention of showing them to public and persuading the public in rightness of his ideas[i]. That’s why the specialists – artistic critics – must analyse all the elements of picture for understanding its genuine sense, meaning. Among the proper artistic methods we must also take into account the biography of painter, the social conditions of his life, the political and economical system of his time, the dominating religion (it especially concerns the works of IX – XVI centuries, when the religious authority dominated in Europe).

Sample Essays: Alienation in Cultural Society

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Things Fall Apart, published in 1958, is the seminal African novel in English. Its author, Chinua Achebe is trying not only to inform the outside world about Ibo cultural traditions, but to remind his own people of their past and to assert that it had contained much of value. 1 All too many Africans in his time were ready to accept the European judgment that Africa had no history or culture worth considering. 2

Sample Essays: The Role of Concert for Musicians

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The concert is an indispensable element of every modern musician’s activity. However the concept of concert is in some way paradoxical (taking into account the art theory). This paradox bases on the most difficult question in art theory – what are the reasons for creating. We must admit that most of contemporary musician and singers use concerts as the main way of expressing their talent. From one hand, the art of musician is presented by his songs and musical compositions. But now he needs the recognition of public most of all, so he is due to present his songs on concerts.

Sample Analytical Essay: Modern Leadership

Leadership is an essential element of human existence. It has served as an indispensable factor in defining our civilization throughout the history. Our understanding of the past is greatly concerned with studies of leaders, who have shaped the course of history. Today people look at leaders and try to predict what lies ahead of their life. Our vision of contemporary leaders is believed to provide the hints about how our future will look like in years from now. From this perspective studies of ancient political thought and concept of leadership play a vital role for deep analysis of contemporary leaders.

Sample Informative Essay: The Paparazzi

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On Sept. 29, 1998, California Governor Pete Wilson signed what is thought to be the nation’s first “paparazzi law” – legislation designed to punish photographers considered too aggressive in taking pictures of celebrities and others. The new state law and similar proposals awaiting action in the U.S. Congress raise significant First Amendment concerns. 1

Legislative proposals for curbing the excesses of celebrity photographers – the so-called “paparazzi” – have been around for a number of years, pushed primarily by the Screen Actors Guild in the California assembly. 2 Then Princess Diana and her companions were killed in an automobile crash in a Paris street tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997. 3 The initial perception that paparazzi chasing the limo were responsible for the tragedy quickly pushed legislative efforts much higher on the agenda. 4 Other factors driving the legislation: more aggressive tactics by free-lance photographers in the pursuit of celebrity photos, the development of higher powered telephoto lenses and parabolic microphones, and an increasing public concern about privacy. 5

Sample Analytical Essay: Spanish-American War

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It is said that politics and religion will never cease to serve as subjects of endless discussions, disputes and controversies. Wars inevitably relate to politics and become its main concern at times of crisis. Wars are being debated long after their end and find their reflection in various types of art, such as poetry, painting or cinematography. The evidence presented in these sources is not always unbiased. There are many subjective circumstances that influence a certain person and have an effect on his or her art. A perspective written by an opponent side is different from the one presented by an ally the same way as it differs when described by political supporters or opponents of war within a country.