Writing a Terrorism Essay – Essential Tips

Since the beginning of recorded history, the term terrorism has been used but was only until the September 11 attacks in the United States that the tern has gained increasing exposure. It is still difficult to define what terrorism is, although modern cases of what is known to be terrorism have similar elements, such as political motives, violence or threats of violence and extensive psychological effects. There are several issues to address in a terrorism essay. Writing an essay on this topic should be meant to educate the public on what terrorism really is.

The Definition of Terrorism

Terrorism is broadly defined as the systematic use of terror to coerce other parties to do as one wills. In the international arena, however, there are no legal, binding definitions of terrorism. It might be worth noting in your terrorism essay that because the word “terrorism” is an emotionally and psychologically loaded word, it is difficult to assign an exact definition of it. Some definitions do not consider as terrorism similar acts of coercion by government forces, while others include unlawful violence as acts of terrorism. A comprehensive list of various definitions and their explanations would be very helpful in a terrorism essay.

State Terrorism

A controversial issue on terrorism is a state-supported and state-funded brand of terrorism. Former Secretary-General of the United Nations once declared that although debates about the definition of terrorism are still ongoing, it is agreed that any form of violence involving innocent civilians is unacceptable, no matter what the motives are. The U.S. bombing of the two Japanese cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, to end World War II fits into this description. So does Germany’s bombing of London for 76 consecutive nights. State terrorism is also extended to domestic government actions, such as the repression of political activists to incite fear in other militant groups and the extrajudicial elimination of these activists.

Religious Terrorism

This is a different kind of terrorism because the motives behind the acts are largely religious in nature. Experts believe that terrorism of this kind is more dangerous than other forms of terrorism because the perpetrators of the act, known as terrorists to us, are acting on a deep-seated belief and would often use religious scriptures to justify their actions. Religious terrorists are also associated with suicide attackers and they are largely favored by so-called terrorist groups because they are efficient, difficult to counter, and deliver maximum damage for little cost.

Terrorism and the Mass Media

In a lot of ways, terrorism is linked to media and their powerful ability to reach millions of subscribers from all over the world. After all, the objective of most terrorist attacks is to bring to public an issue they believe to be important but is significantly downplayed by concerned parties. In some cases, media men practice self-censorship and regulation to control the amount of information provided by terrorist groups that reaches the public. However, this often poses a bigger problem by making these groups intensify their attacks. How media practitioners handle news reports of terrorist acts is a fresh way to look at your terrorist essay because not a lot has been said about it.

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