Writing an Environment Essay – Ideas & Tips

Environment Essay is a great choice for your cause & effect assignment. Check out these tips from EssayExamples.info – you may find them very helpful.

There is no way for you to run out of things to say when writing an environment essay. Through the years, the rate at which technology, industrialization, and urban progress has rapidly increased. Unfortunately, these impressive phenomena created by human activities have wreaked havoc on the environment. There is certainly much to say. Be sure to select an environmental issue that is close to your heart and start writing.

Environmental Degradation

When we use up environmental resources that are more than we actually need, we cause waste and the subsequent destruction of the environment. Entire rainforests are logged away to build mansions; coral reefs are bombed to finance exotic jewelry operations; we’re even running out of fresh water. Unfortunately, it’s not only the plants and animals that are affected as we humans are also destroying our own habitat this way. It certainly is something to mention in your environment essay that at least 11 million children worldwide die from diseases caused by environmental degradation before they even reach the age of five.

Global Warming

Another hot (pun not intended) topic to write about in your environment essay is the issue of global warming. If you have seen the movie An Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore, you should have realized the impact of this issue on all living populations on Earth. In the last century, there was almost a Celsius degree in rise of surface temperature, with two-thirds of the rise occurring in the last three decades. What is the significance of this? There are several potentially devastating effects of global warming that you can include in your environment essay, including the rise of sea levels, more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as heat waves and heavy rains, changes in agricultural produce, and the extinction of species that are not suited to the new climatic conditions.

Energy Conservation

There are gargantuan benefits to conserving energy, one of which is the reduction of greenhouse gases that contribute largely to global warming. Energy conservation is also a healthier alternative to increasing energy production and promotes the use of renewable sources of energy. There are several ways by which humans can harness energy without depleting the Earth of its coal and oil reserves. You can pick one of these alternatives and explain how they can be fully taken advantage of in your environment essay. Solar energy is a viable alternative, and so are wind energy, hydroelectricity, geothermal energy, biomass, and nuclear power. If you choose to write about nuclear energy, however, be careful to mention underlying issues that may arise from unsafe use and practices.


Population experts estimate that there are about seven billion humans on the planet now. That’s certainly a lot of mouths to feed and people to make room for and it’s something you can tackle in your environment essay. The rapid increase of population poses a lot of problems for all countries, such as the depletion of natural resources and the reduced access to basic social services, unavailability of potable water, increased environmental pollution, high mortality rates, extinction of species, starvation and malnutrition, increased chances for epidemics, elevated crime rates, and restricted freedom.

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